Gender at Work is an international collaborative that helps organizations to build cultures of equality and social justice, with a focus on gender equality. Our gender experts live around the world and have decades of experience in helping organizations change their processes.

In 1999, three feminists – Aruna Rao, David Kelleher and Rieky Stuart – wrote Gender at Work: Organizational Change for Equality, a book that laid the seeds for this organization.

Gender at Work was founded in 2001 by AWID, CIVICUS, UN Women, and Women's Learning Partnership (WLP). It was established as a non-profit in 2003.

How We Do It

We bring together new knowledge with expertise in capacity development and strategic learning and evaluation. We use an analytical framework and Gender Action Learning (GAL) processes to recognize the complex, intersecting and contextual dynamics that affect institutional and broader societal change. We work with organizations to analyze these forces and to develop strategies to transform them. Find Out More.